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Cleveland, OH

Dynamic Health and Wellness is a non-profit organization on the Cleveland West Side with the mission of providing free and discounted exercise classes, coaching, and education for people who need it the most.  We plan to kick off our programming with classes for cancer survivors, then expand to add classes for people with heart conditions, expectant mothers, new moms, and new dads... But we need your help!!!
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Our Goal
Every day, more and more research is published on the importance of physical activity to our overall health. Most of us know that exercise makes us feel better, sleep better, look better, etc., but we often find excuses in our busy lives to skip physical activity. Any average Joe who has tried to start a new exercise plan or join a gym knows that the barrier to entry can be high- and that barrier is twice as high for people that have significant health problems. Dynamic Health and Wellness wants to remove that barrier by providing free and/or heavily discounted classes and services for these populations. 

Why Dynamic?

Exercise is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Everyone has different goals, schedules, restrictions, and needs. Because of this fact, Dynamic Health and Wellness aims to be just that: dynamic. People with medical conditions like cancer, heart conditions, diabetes, or arthritis all have different needs and different concerns when it comes to exercise. We want to help them with classes, aimed at their specific population, that will help them live better, healthier lives. 

Our Vision

Starting in the summer of 2017, we want to provide specialty classes for the people that would benefit the most from physical activity and exercise, but are underserved by the offerings of big-box gyms.  These classes will be funded by private donations, corporate sponsors, fundraising events, exercise classes and personal training. 

We will start by renting gym time from existing fitness facilities, but we eventually hope to open a small studio of our own. In May of 2017, we were approved as a non-profit in the State of Ohio and began the process for federal non-profit status. See below to help make this vision a reality. 

Make DHW a Reality!

For info on fundraising events, go to the EVENTS page. 

Are you trying to improve your own health through exercise? Make your goals a reality while helping others at the same time! Click below for pricing for personal training, online training, and customized workout plans. Proceeds go toward the start-up costs for DHW.
Do you want to help others improve their health? Help make this dream a reality. You can donate directly through PayPal or you can go to the DHW GoFundMe page (coming soon). 
Do you want to help in other ways? Do you have equipment to donate? Services to provide? Do you know someone who can help?
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