Dedicate Yourself to a Healthy Life

Dedicate Yourself to a Healthy LifeDedicate Yourself to a Healthy Life

Sue Siebens

Sue Siebens, BS, LMT

Sue is a Master Healer, adept in multifaceted and versatile therapies. In her over 9 years of practice, Sue has used these interlinking skills to handle simple or complex, acute and chronic issues. She works with her clients to determine the best course of action and reevaluates their progress and treatment strategy before each follow-up session. 

Sue has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Iowa State University. This firm basis in science provides her a great platform to be highly selective in the techniques and therapies that she offers in her practice. 


· Bachelor of Science in Zoology

· Licensed Massage Therapist (Texas)

· Certified TiPi Professional, Specialization in Psychosomatic and Behavioral Issues

· Professional Bowenwork Practitioner and Associate Instructor

· Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui Method of Natural Healing)

· Quantum Touch Certified Practitioner

Emotion Work

Emotional Regulation using TiPi is a simple but very specific protocol that assists the body in releasing the emotion and thus removed the triggers from our behavior in our life. It’s a calm, almost passive experience, that results in a great unburdening to those troubled by reoccurring emotions. 

Body Work – Bowen Therapy, aka Bowenwork

Fascia is the connective tissue that holds our bodies together. By gently stretching the fascial connected to certain muscles, tendons, and ligaments, the fascia adjusts tension and activity in surrounding tissues. Bowen helps the supporting bones & muscles, our organs & glands, our nerves, blood & lymph to remember their interrelationships at the physical and energetic levels, allowing relaxing release or embracing support, as needed. Once relearned these adjusting shifts last.

Energy Work 

Life Energy, the power of the universe, can be channeled through the body and out the hands of skilled Energy Workers. Creating a high-vibrational field between the hands, the healing energy treats the body, emotions, mind, and spirit as a whole; all levels are affected to restore balance and vitality, relieving the effects of stress and environmental toxins.

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