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Dynamic Health and Wellness​​
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Cleveland, OH

Dynamic Health and Wellness is a non-profit organization on the Cleveland West Side with the mission of providing free and discounted exercise classes, coaching, and education for people who need it the most.  We plan to kick off our programming with classes for cancer survivors, then expand to add classes for people with heart conditions, expectant mothers, new moms, and new dads... But we need your help!!!
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Classes and Services-
Free Classes planned for 2017
  • Survivors: a full body workout class for people who have survived cancer.
  • Heart Healthy: a class that mixes cardio and strength training for those with heart disease or heart conditions
Discounted Classes planned for 2017
  • Fit and Expecting: A class for expectant mothers
  • New Mom Bootcamp
  • New Dad Bootcamp

Our first class is COMING SOON!!! More details in the coming weeks.